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Supplier Merchandising


Never mind the influencers — it’s travel agents you really need to reach. Since agents guide travelers on what to book and which ancillaries to choose, they’re your ticket to retailing success.

We can help. Our platform offers more distribution access, backed up by advice on how to present and position your offers. With Travelport, you can be confident your offers are what and where they need to be.



We know how to catch an agent’s eye. Travelport’s platform has features to pitch your products in a clear, consistent way —with branding on-point. Our ad solutions let you target agents with promotions, while our insights can inform you as you adapt your products and pricing according to demand.


Travel is changing. You need to react quickly — and that requires data. Whether you’re in revenue management, asset management, route planning, marketing, or sales — we’ve got what you need. Travelport provides the up-to-date, customer-demand insights you need most, based on aggregated booking transactions. Helping you make better decisions and improve ROI.


When it comes to connectivity, we’ll work your way. Our priority is to get search results containing your offers to shoppers — faster and more accurately. We do the background work to support effective retailing, across the entire booking process. Travelport makes sure you’re represented, regardless of connection type.


Some travel products are more complex than others. That’s why Travelport offers a range of features to help airlines, hoteliers, car rental companies, and rail providers to sell more. This includes branding, targeted offers, packaged products, and additional performance insights. Our solutions also enable agents to carry out customer service on your behalf.


Travelers come to Agents for the travel advice and guidance they can’t find themselves. Travelport Smartpoint equips you for to help travelers find the right trip and sell more, with:

  • Choice of traditional or API connectivity
  • Ability to sell enriched, dynamic offers
  • Fully-automated servicing for airlines
  • Industry-standard air content including ancillaries, images, brand names
  • Consumer-ready hotel and car content, with detailed, structured data and images presenting property and rate inclusion
  • Flexible rate models and discount programs for hotel and car
  • Digital media solutions offer advanced advertising for all suppliers, including promotion and targeting
  • Code-sharing allows rail providers to expand into air-to-rail (multimodal) arrangements
  • Data and insights to understand and improve your competitive position, product performance, and offers
  • Technology solutions for managing offers and orders — from flight shopping through to fulfilment

Travelport’s people always look to do things differently and keep agents in mind.

Eric Hall
Senior Manager,
Strategy and Relations at Southwest

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