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digital newsletter covering latest industry news & insights


Galink, a digital-first newsletter, covers the most important aviation stories, analysis, industry and airline news, revolutionary Travelport products and master tips. This digital edition will improve the experience so that you could easily read on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Happy Reading!

Months Galink
January Issue-270
February Issue-271
March Issue-273
April Issue-274
May Issue-275
June Issue-276
Months Galink
January Issue-258
February Issue-259
March Issue-260
April Issue-261
May Issue-262
June Issue-263
July Issue-264
August Issue-265
September Issue-266
October Issue-267
November Issue-268
December Issue-269
Months Galink
January Issue-246
February Issue-247
March Issue-248
April Issue-249
May Issue-250
June Issue-251
July Issue-252
August Issue-253
September Issue-254
October Issue-255
November Issue-256
December Issue-257

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