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Travelport Universal API

Access a world of content through one API


Travelport Universal API

Access a world of content through one API

Universal API aggregates content from multiple sources including GDSs (air/vehicle/hotel), low-cost carriers, high-speed rail, merchandising, and non-GDS Hotel through a single API connection. By providing a single API, Travelport enables developers to code once and gain access to multiple content sources, decreasing the time-to-market for an application. Superior customer support and a single contract with Travelport also simplify the process.

The first global GDS API to aggregate GDS air, car and hotel content alongside low-cost carrier, high-speed rail and merchandising content from multiple sources.

Enables third-party developers, online travel agencies (OTAs) & travel agencies with their own point of sale to optimize their development of travel-related applications for deployment on the web, for desktop solutions or mobile applications.

Features and Advantages:

  • Reduces costs associated with learning and maintaining multiple APIs.
  • Allows companies to create richer travel applications with better content.
  • Provides access to merchandising content from multiple sources (ATPCO, Direct Connect, Low-Cost Carriers).
  • Streamlines and improves application performance by reducing the number of calls necessary to complete end-to-end workflows.
  • Allows compliance with EU recommendation to provide high-speed rail alternatives where one exists, alongside a traditional air response.

Users can choose to augment their current application suite by adding features and content, integrated through Universal API. Or, users can implement against Universal API as a complete end-to-end solution.

Demo Site: The Travelport Demo site has been created to stimulate new ideas and help you develop new applications to stay ahead of the competition. Through this demo site, we are able to showcase new content and functionality with code that's ready to use.

Access a world of content through one API

If you use different application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectivity tools to access, shop and book travel content from multiple sources, Travelport can dramatically improve your world. Travelport Universal API is the global distribution system (GDS) industry's first truly universal API, giving you access to a world of content and functionality through a single API connection.



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