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Create game-changing mobile experiences at every stage of the journey


'Mobile first' needs to be a companywide mindset and business strategy led by innovation and driven from the top down.

The last decade has seen an explosion in mobile culture, spearheaded by the iOS and Android app stores. In the last few years, we've seen 'mobile first' become 'mobile only' in many regions. Platforms like voice, social, and messaging have created new ways for travelers to engage with brands, on their own terms. 

It's no longer enough to focus efforts solely on getting users to download an app; travel brands should be thinking about mobile omnipresence, going to where the customer is, engaging with them through the channels they're using. 

What are the biggest opportunities mobile presents for the travel industry? 

While mobile has given way to a new perspective on how travel providers can engage with their customers, emerging technologies such as voice-based search, bots, in flight entertainment companion apps, wearables, augmented reality, and virtual reality are providing more ways for brands to think about how they can deepen those relationships. 

Where is the industry investing? 

Looking specifically at the areas of mobile in which airlines and travel brands are investing, business intelligence/predictive analytics is a priority. In fact, there is a 21% increase in brands investing in this area since last year, showing a marked effort across the industry to not only focus on investing in new technologies, but to drive business forward through data. By contrast, more than half of airlines will invest in chatbots this year while 40% plan to invest in voice technology. 

How can your travel business meet the demands of today's ultra-connected traveler? 

Travelport's mobile experts help airlines and travel agencies create superior, end-to-end travel experiences across multiple devices and channels. 

Using the latest in mobile technology, great UX and design expertise, and a travel-focused product set, we collaborate with our customers to help them stay one step ahead. This enables airlines and travel companies to influence ‘every moment in travel', with mobile and digital services that transform how they interact with their customers. 

We're an agile team and we work at pace. We've partnered with some of the biggest names in travel, including easyJet and BCD Travel, to create world-class, award-winning mobile experiences. 

We're mobile travel experts.

Travelport has a proven track record of delivering award-winning solutions for airlines and TMCs that create unique ways to provide a more compelling and engaging traveler experience. To date, Travelport has driven 58+ million app downloads, has 100+ no.1 apps in the App Store/Google Play, has run 775 app store promotions in the last two years, has 330+ mobile experts dedicated to travel and has won 38 industry awards for our apps. 


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